3S Artspace invites you to join the 100 x 1000 campaign and be a part of the incredible community of donors that celebrates and supports curiosity, creativity, and community.

Over the past year, 3S Artspace presented:

  •  150 public performances
  • 10 gallery exhibitions
  • Served close to 20,000 individuals
  • Gave a voice to hundreds of artists and performers
  • Collaborated is with close to 50 other businesses and non-profits through co-presenting, discounted use of space, and/or ticket donations. 

With your support, we want can take 3S to the next level as we pursue more partnerships, new ways to activate the space during the day time, and ensure that the unique, fun experiences you've come to expect at 3S just keep getting better.

Your donation will truly make a difference in establishing 3S as a vibrant hub for the creative community and beyond.

Donations can be made online by clicking the blue box below. PLEASE NOTE THAT MONTHLY GIFTS ARE POSSIBLE ONLINE.  

Thank you!

Checks can be mailed to:

3S Artspace
PO Box 4435
Portsmouth, NH 03802