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Artists' Statement:
Walking the line between figuration and abstraction, this exhibit explores the non-objective role abstract art plays in our culture, perception, and psyche. Using diverse subject matter, three painters created work reflecting their personal experiences. Not surprisingly, the experience of painting during a global pandemic found its way into the visual language of interpreting the world around them.

“Objective painting is not good painting unless it is good in the abstract sense. A hill or a tree cannot make a good painting just because it is a hill or tree. It is lines and colors put together so that they may say something.” --Georgia O’ Keefe

Artist Bios:

MJ Blanchette
MJ Blanchette earned her BFA from Rhode Island School of Design. While perhaps best known as a figurative landscape painter, her true aim is to reveal that elusive boundary lurking between the figurative and the abstract. Predominantly informed by the observation of nature, she is an avid naturalist with a keen appreciation for wildlife, natural habitat, and open spaces. Her work often reflects the ever-changing character of Kittery Point, the coastal enclave from which she draws inspiration daily.

Rebecca Klementovich
Rebecca is a Modern visionary artists painting the subtle amazing landscapes of the North Country, New England. She moves in and out of the horizon, between the world of abstract and realism. In this particular show, she has a new focus on the lives of 17th and 18th century Portsmouth women, who sailed on Tall Ships. Rebecca brings an emotional edge to the traditional subject matter of tall ships and storms.

She is best known for her color saturated wild landscapes of Mount Washington, and other nostalgic New England landscapes. She is co-founder of the Femme Fatales of the North, a group that gives voice to women artists.

Curiosity of the abstract keeps her inspired.

Kathleen Robbins
Kathleen Robbins earned her MFA at Massachusetts College of Art where she was later an adjunct faculty member. Kathleen is a resident of the Button Factory Artist Studios in Portsmouth. Many of her landscapes reflect the Seacoast area and recently, the Maine coast. Professional experience includes her work over the past decade as an art therapist at Exeter Hospital.

Inspiration comes from many sources including still life and landscape. The process of building the painting is critical to her work. Gesture, color, line and surface all play with the space to create a distinct back and forth motion between representation and abstraction.

What drives the work is the initial response to a moment in time. Layers are then built upon or removed to create the final piece as the painting takes on a life of its own.

The surface is often calm and time is suspended, with the ever-present tension on the verge of movement and change. How one object or shape affects the other is a continuing source of fascination. Visit Kathleen's website here.


Abstraction will be on exhibit in the Gallery sharing the space with 50 Views of the Piscataqua.




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