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Artist Statement:
I began using different types of materials because I was looking for a new way to paint. Working with materials that already exist afford me associations that are beyond my invention. I see opportunities everywhere as paintings: in images that already exist, a surface that will respond to paint in a certain way, or it might simply come from an accident within the process of painting.

My studio work incorporates found materials and appropriated images in the creative process. This allows the images to become meaningful because of their symbolic association. Even though I seek to make my artwork approachable to the viewer, it isn’t something that dictates my decisions in the process of making art. I don’t work with a preconceived idea or notion of content at the onset. As meaning is assigned to the images and interrelationships develop, the content and direction eventually emerge as a byproduct of process. I'm interested in visual tension; whether this tension is created through chance, the use of humor, odd relationships, or the re-examining, re-hashing, and re-interpretation of close encounters with life.

In combining my Surrealists interest in the unconscious with a postmodern sensibility, I create evocative paintings and collages that are distinctively psychically charged. These multifaceted works are composed from cut or torn fragments from children’s coloring books or comic illustrations, and paper remnants. They often incorporate Disney characters and other recognizable cartoon icons. Images that are normally considered innocent and harmless are placed in illogical juxtapositions, resulting in a hybrid image composed of multiple parts.

Craig Hill Bio:
Craig Hill is a visual artist working in painting, collage, and mixed media sculpture. His work juxtaposes varied modes of representation, creating a visual mash-up that highlights how certain iconography expresses American belief structures. His work is filled with visual contradictions and playful circumstances that are arranged in a single anxious moment.

Hill’s work presents its own language of absurdity, both human and artistic. His paintings, sculptures, and works on paper have become expressive mediums that are crude and comical. The images are sometimes outrageous and its content seemingly trivial, but each piece contains a social message that is obvious although ambivalent. By recasting appropriated images and objects in a close vernacular to childhood fantasies, irrational doodles, or anonymous graffiti, Hill makes them appear humorous and innocent, thus allowing him to exploit Pop Art’s social significance as a mass culture critique.

Hill earned his BFA in Drawing from the Atlanta College of Art in 1998 and his MFA in Painting and Printmaking from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2001. Currently he teaches painting and drawing as an assistant professor at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio. Hill has exhibited extensively, in group and solo shows in Washington D.C., New Orleans, Minneapolis, Boston, Atlanta, Providence, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, and Columbus, Ohio.


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