October 4 - November 11

Artist Opening Reception: Friday, October 4. 5-8pm.
Free and open to the public.
Reception coincides with Art 'Round Town monthly art walk in Portsmouth.
Additional Art' Round Town on November 1. 5-8pm.


devolve is my ode to the non-human species that we can’t seem to stop ourselves from destroying; and a sideways look at how we humans keep ourselves at the center of this equation. To devolve is to pass on rights, responsibilities, and/or powers, from one person or entity to another. As a verb, it also suggests degeneration, possibly an entropic unmaking. devolve consists of objects and small installations, most created in the last 3 years. I work primarily with hair because it is deeply personal, and at the same time a shared mammalian attribute. Its central role here feels a bit obsessive, and fetishistic, and right. Many of the works, most obviously the “orifice” pieces, are similar to mandalas in composition and in the ritual sense: they represent the effort to reunify the self. The self, in this instance, has to be a self that is not separate from its natural, biological world.

I focus mainly on species endangered in New England, or have some type of protected or rare status recognized by government entities. The fiber works show the species without using highly realistic or photographic images: they are filtered through our knowing them, our fairytales, our self-importance. I’ve also included some projects that focus on invisible entities that we interact with on a daily basis. The works featuring diatom drawings, the Petri dishes and dominoes, are simple configurations whose arrangements guarantee their fragility. Diatoms are photosynthesizing algae found in almost every aquatic environment, and they are responsible for one-fifth of photosynthesis on Earth; they are the base of the marine food web, and help to shape the carbon cycle. Their complex relationships with other microbes, including marine bacteria, shape huge relationships that determine the health of a staggering number of diverse species. devolve is a curation of personal concerns, visual representations that explore protection and loss. There are attempts at logical rationale, allusions to longhaired princesses in towers, and it all has the feeling of being generated from a singular, redheaded point of view.


devolve has been supported by a grant from the Artist’s Resource Trust.


Artist Bio

Andy Mauery:
Andy Mauery is a Maine-based visual artist whose work has appeared in national and international exhibitions, at venues including the Chaves de la Rosa Cultural Complex (Peru), MOBIUS in Boston, SPACES gallery in Cleveland, and The Front in New Orleans. Her grants and awards include an A.R.T. Fund Individual Award from Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation, a Good Idea grant from the Maine Arts Commission, and an individual fellowship from The American-Scandinavian Foundation.

She has been an artist in residence at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Vermont Studio Center, the Erik Nyholm Fondet in Denmark, and Tesuque Glassworks. Ongoing projects include a sciart collaboration with microbiologist Dr. Sally Molloy, in which Molloy and Mauery create kiln glass works that explore the important role of bacteriophage in our everyday lives. Andy current serves as an Associate Professor of Art, and Chair of the Department of Art, at The University of Maine.


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