October 4 - 27

Artist Opening Reception: Friday, October 4. 5-8pm.
Free and open to the public.
Coincides with the Artist Opening Reception for devolve, as well as the Art 'Round Town art walk in Portsmouth.


This Lobby Gallery exhibit features photography, archival media, and journals from patrons, musicians, writers, and artists that were part of the Elvis Room community.

Provocative and uncensored, the Elvis Room journals are the most unique of time capsules, inviting visitors into the minds of the Portsmouth youth counter-culture and art scene in the 90s. In addition to displays of heartfelt artwork and poetry, the platform and anonymity of these journal entries draws striking parallels to modern social media: lust, love, heartbreak, bullying, rumors, violence-- it’s all there, beautifully handwritten in all its glory.

The archival photographs on display use the lens to show what the Elvis Room was like from the outside looking in. Black and white work by photojournalist Timothy Donovan, as well as color photography by Jayson Harrington, Jenene Bernstein, Barb Steinbach, and Dawn Marie Pierre capture the culture, raw energy, and madness of the Elvis Room in 35mm splendor.


About Timothy Donovan:
Timothy Donovan has over 25 years of experience in photojournalism and documentary photography. His unique perspective on the world as seen through a camera lens has earned him over two dozen awards for his work during his time as a news photographer.

About Jayson Harrington: "Walking into The Elvis Room was one of the best chapters of my life. I walked in sometime in '96 as nervous as a sheep among wolves to ask if I could take photos of willing bands. I ended up with my photos on ‘The Wall.’ In the process, The E-Room became the one place where the anxiety and depressions that plagued my life could not touch me. It became a place of healing and acceptance."

Additional archival photography provided by owners Dawn Marie Pierre and Barbara Steinbach, as well as patron Jenene Bernstein.


About Elvis Room 20: A Retrospective presented by 3S Artspace:

3S Artspace and Elvis Room friends and family celebrate the Elvis Room and its legacy, 20 years after closing its doors. This music performance and art series illuminates how a tiny odd-ball coffee house transformed into a live music mini nova, forever remaining in the hearts of many in our Seacoast community.


Schedule of events for Elvis Room 20: A Retrospective presented by 3S Artspace:

  • Elvis Room 20: The Queers w/ The Cretins & Laramie Dean
    Saturday, October 5
    Click for tickets.

  • Elvis Room 20: Fly Spinach Fly and Heavens to Murgatroid (2nd night - SOLD OUT)
    Thursday, October 24
    Click for tickets.
  • Elvis Room 20: Fly Spinach Fly and Heavens to Murgatroid (SOLD OUT)
    Friday, October 25