January 10 - February 2

Artist Opening Reception: Friday, January 10. 5-8pm.
There will be an artist's talk at 7pm.
Free and open to the public.

Photo credit: Maddie Madore
Photo credit: Maddie Madore

Artist Statement:
No longer can we be sedate in our relationship to place. The Western world has seen its colonization and consumption of the Land as an exercise of eminent domain, unaware, or insensate to the fact that the impacted Land has a reciprocal effect upon its inhabitants. In 2020, we can no longer ignore the effect the changing environment has upon us. As this major cultural transition envelops us, we must redefine and reevaluate our relationship to Land, not only as fuel for the raw engine of capitalism, but in its capacity as a cultural reliquary for memory and narrative.

Through installations, sculptures and drawings that focus on the psychology of Land, Ciara Wright’s work humorously interferes with preconceptions of our relationship to place. With the use of sound and other interactive components, Wright toys with the possibility of manifesting Land’s agency, giving it a ‘voice’ in the contemporary examination of our complicity in a deteriorating natural world.

Artist Bio
Ciara Wright:
Ciara Wright is a mixed media installation artist currently living in New England. They received their BFA in Fine Arts from The University of the Arts in 2018 and have shown work in galleries along the East Coast. Their work investigates the agency of Land in the era of declining industrialism.