May 15 - June 2

Free and open to the public.

Artists' Reception: On May 23, join us for a special evening hosted by Danger Beach to raise money for the Hampton NH Skatepark (suggested donation $10) and to meet the exhibiting artists. Click here to learn more.


Laying it All on the Line is a collaborative showcase of creative New Hampshire residents engaged in the enhancement of their communities through art and recreation.

Brooke Richard Artist Statement (Lobby Gallery):
Brooke Richard’s “color-scapes,” or contemporary landscape paintings, are developed through memory of macro and micro landscapes found on solo and group hikes in NH, ME, VT and into the Canadian East coast. Using natural lines drawn from observation, Brooke establishes familiar and abstracted environments inspired by mountains, bodies of water, slides, in addition to man’s footprint. Evoking thoughts of the viewer’s outdoor experiences in New England and freedom to wander with one’s own memories. This series encourages meaningful and curious conversations, addressing more inclusivity in outdoor recreation.

About Brooke Richard:
Brooke is an avid lady recreationalist and artist striving to cohesively combine her passions. She graduated Plymouth State University with a Studio Art degree. Now living in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, working Monday through Friday as the Creative Director of a wholesale jewelry brand, Binky & Lulu.

Mike Heitz: Artist Statement (Performance Space:
Through repetition of forms and marks, my work explores a dialogue between intentionally ordered systems and naturally governed nonobjective systems, both in the physical world and the thought process of the viewer. By discarding a paint brush in favor of shoes, forks, crushed cans, plastic bags, and whatever is within reach, I am able to achieve a less predictable surface of complex marks that I would not be able to achieve otherwise. Continually layering these marks in combination with meticulous line work and thoughtful compositions, I directly recreate the two physical systems on each piece. I see my work as a general inquiry into human nature through our sense of contemplation and a way to perceive ourselves through the means of these abstractions, orders, and chaotic elements all existing in a seamless symbiotic environment.

About Mike Heitz:
Mike Heitz is a New Hampshire native. He holds a BFA degree from Plymouth State University with a concentration in drawing. His work primarily deals with abstract shapes and forms, often with an obsessive attention to straight lines and not so straight lines. He enjoys an occasional cigar and can often be found staring in awe at carpets or splatters of stuff on the ground, seeking inspiration.
Ask him about paranormal things or if you really want to win him over, buy him a taco.

About Danger Beach:
Danger Beach is group of NH Seacoast Skateboarders/surfers/snowboarders (Ian Dreher, Cole St. Martin, Nick Doucette, Jake Boutillier) who foster growth and build recreational foundations in the local community.