Dysfunction of Aesthetic Forms and Their Opposites

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Artist Statement:
We know that memory is very plastic and easily deformed. This idea is the seed that gives form to the internal dialogue that shapes how I paint. My visual vocabulary, through impressions and memories, is grown and developed. Like gardening, I prune branching ideas and images, discarding elements while emphasizing others. My mark making is the gentle unfolding of surface, interplay of form, undulating lines and hard geometric shapes. These works, which were painted in the past eighteen months, create nonfunctional visual narratives of memory.

Artist Bio:
Born to a kosher-keeping Jewish family in small town Kansas, Eric Katzman works and lives in Portsmouth NH. He graduated with a BFA in Painting from the University of Kansas. Eric's multifaceted process begins on paper and canvas using acrylic paint,spraypaint, graphite, encaustic, pencil, ink, charcoal, watercolor and thread/yarn. His itinerant art supporting day jobs have included working at the National Endowment for the Arts, registrar of a blue chip art gallery, travel agent, Captain in the USAF, organic chemist, English teacher in Japan, and now a Dentist. His current work allows him to challenge the dramatic tradition of thinking.


All of the work in "Dysfunction of Aesthetic Forms" is available for purchase in person at 3S or online. Eric Katzman has generously chosen to donate 100% of proceeds from sales directly to 3S Artspace to support our capacity to weather current challenges and exhibit contemporary artists well into the future.



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