woven female landscape

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Artist Statement:

My work centers on light, architecture, and landscape, emphasizing the coexistence of artificial structures and the natural. Photography, sculpture and installation give form to my observations. With the use of light and shadow as drawing tools, the two- dimensional plane and the three-dimensional object transform into an experiential space.

woven female landscape responds to my own questions regarding the complex relationship between female and feminine identity. The work draws attention to the questions contemporary women face in constructing a present-day definition of ‘womanhood.’

A series of sculptures and installations portray tradition, domesticity, and sensuality of the female form through cloth, paper, and porcelain. The materials themselves represent qualities long associated with femininity - soft, delicate, and fine. The organic shapes of the objects in the work reference the cultural history of being female, with beauty, purity, and ‘women’s work’ at the center. The perpetual story of the female condition is told through the color white, chronicling topics from submission to resistance, solidarity to fissure. woven female landscape puts a lens on the collective female experience and is an invitation to question the shape of our shared future.

Linda Pagani Bio:

Linda Pagani is an interdisciplinary artist whose early photographic work initiated a career-long inquiry into the effects of environment on experience. Her work is held in public and private collections, including the Brigham Women’s Hospital Collection, and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Pagani studied Interior Architecture at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and went on to complete a four-year Studio Diploma in fine arts at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University. She has received prestigious awards and fellowships, including the Springborn Fellowship, the Karsh Prize in Photography, and the Traveling Fellowship.

The artist has been featured in numerous exhibitions and publications for her independent and collaborative projects and continues to expand her practice through international and local artists’ residencies.


Paper flower folding with exhibit visitors:
The most expansive piece in woven female landscape is the "Garden of Eve" installation which will start off with 3,000 paper pieces. The artist invites visitors to fold paper cutouts into flower-like shapes to be added to the installation as it continues to expand and evolve for the duration of the exhibition.

“The 'Garden of Eve' alludes to the pursuit of women to advance and expand their capacity beyond traditional gender roles. It is a visual reminder of what we can achieve through a collective effort, whether managing work and family through a health crisis, fighting for economic equality, or supporting women in positions of leadership.” -- Linda Pagani


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