works by Eileen Ryan

  • Reception / Meet the artist: Friday, April 7 / 5-8pm
  • Free and open to the public
  • Reception coincides with Art Round Town.

In honor of Portsmouth’s 400th year anniversary, 3S Artspace held an open call for submissions by artists living or working in Portsmouth today. There was no shortage of talent and creativity. We invite you to join us as we celebrate the extraordinary artists selected to exhibit in the Lobby Gallery in 2023. All exhibited works are available for purchase, with revenue supporting both the artists and 3S.

Artist Statement

I have many ideas pulsing through me at once and I have found that they are visually represented in two distinct ways in my art. The first is an organized approach to exploring concepts and questions. In a methodical manner using a naturalistic aesthetic I hypothesize and create around my findings. The second is through painting, where color and form begin without a plan and the questions and concepts are revealed at the end of the painting. This process takes trust and often leads to discovering things about myself and my subconscious.

Painting for me feels like diving into the unknown, with ideas and facets of my self glinting throughout and the full spectrum only being revealed in the end of the painting. It’s like I am searching for the questions in my paintings, and answering them in my installations.

This series of paintings documents recurring dreams I have had since I was a child. The settings range from magical dreamscapes to nuclear nightmares often including idols from my Catholic upbringing and mythical characters from stories I grew up listening to. These narratives are about the balance of power, warnings from the deep, and mystics representing creative energy and greed.

Eileen Ryan Bio
Eileen Ryan is an interdisciplinary artist from north eastern Massachusetts. She incorporates her background in microbiology, art and hospitality to create investigative works about interspecies communication, spiritual microbiomes, and empathy as it relates to human and non-human experiences. Using a process of experimentation and observation, Eileen creates paintings, installations, and performances to communicate her concepts to a variety of audiences around the world. Her work is documented in Arc-HIVE an open source digital platform documenting European bio-art practices, and published in “From Dream to Dream. Where Science Meets Art.” Eileen’s work has been presented at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design (Tel Aviv), Belas-Artes ULisboa (Lisbon), The Kanna Arts Festival (Japan), Rossi and Rossi Gallery (London), Meulensteen Gallery (New York), The State House and Harbor Gallery (Boston), The Clifden Arts Festival (Ireland) and The Merwin Gallery at Illinois Wesleyan University. She was most recently awarded a residency by ÖRES in Finland where she spent one month on the island of Örö collecting and speculatively translating beetle galleries in pine and birch trees for her book “CODEX.”


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