works by James Tucker

  • Opening Reception / Meet the artist: Friday, February 3 / 5-8pm
  • Free and open to the public
  • Opening Reception coincides with the reception in the main Gallery for Relics, featuring works by Frank Poor, as well as Art Round Town.

In honor of Portsmouth’s 400th year anniversary, 3S Artspace held an open call for submissions by artists living or working in Portsmouth today. There was no shortage of talent and creativity. We invite you to join us as we celebrate the extraordinary artists selected to exhibit in the Lobby Gallery in 2023. All exhibited works are available for purchase, with revenue supporting both the artists and 3S.

Artist Statement
After thirty years as a sociology professor at the University of New Hampshire, I turned to painting. As a sociologist, I spent much of my time studying people on the margins of society, including those who struggle with themselves and the world around them. I was always stuck by how their facial expressions reflected their internal and external struggles, but I found that neither words nor photographs fully captured such struggles. Painting, I discovered, allows me to explore the human face, and its complex expressions, in a deeper and often abstract way as I experiment with various compositions, colors, and textures. I also discovered that painting forces me to examine and put on canvas, often subconsciously, visual representations of my own mental states and struggles.

James Tucker Bio
I was trained as a sociologist, having received a PhD at the University of Virginia in 1992. I taught for almost thirty years (1992-2019) at the University of New Hampshire. While at UNH, besides teaching, I conducted research and published books and journal articles on various topics related to conflict, mental illness, and suicide. During my academic career, I also traveled extensively in Eastern Europe, Latin America, and East Asia, among other parts of the world.

Although I have only recently started to paint (2019), I was involved in several other artistic endeavors over the past twenty years. Most significant, I filmed, directed, and edited several short documentary films. My low budget film “The Nice Man Cometh” (2005, 50 minutes), which offered a unique look at the 2004 Democratic Presidential Primary through the eyes a formerly homeless man, played at several film festivals across the country.

Just this year (2022) I first explored the idea of displaying my paintings publicly. In February, I submitted a piece (which sold at the show) to the open gallery community show at Buoy Gallery in Kittery, Maine. In October, I applied and was accepted for a juried membership in the New Hampshire Art Association. I am excited to be part of the 2023 Lobby Gallery exhibition celebrating Portsmouth 400 at 3S Artspace.


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