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Dorks in Dungeons: Nerds in Netherrealms

Dorks in Dungeons: Nerds in Netherrealms
Thursday, October 12
Doors at 7:30 / Show at 8:00
$12 (Pay what you can at the door)
This is a seated event. 

Sponsored by Deadwick's Ethereal Emporium

We've explored the magical world of Continentia in Dorks in Dungeons, we've traveled the futuristic spaces of the Planetoid Galaxy in Geeks in Galaxies, but now we're headed to some place a little closer to home. Welcome to Gravestone Massachusetts, home of the Society of Paranormal Seekers. The membership of this secret society is filled with professors of the arcane, and hunters of lost antiquities. With help from the otherworldly Ferrymen, the Seekers investigate haunted houses, forgotten ruins, and creaky attics, in their quest to expel supernatural evil and earn tenure. Meanwhile, average folk are caught up in the roaring '20s, unaware of the danger that lies in the Netherworlds bordering our own reality.

This show is our opportunity to explore the tropes of Horror and Pulp, taking direct inspiration from H.P. Lovecraft and his stories set in Arkham Massachusetts, as well as the the thrilling Doc Savage adventures by Lester Dent.