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Unfixed Concrete Ideal

curated by Ben Sloat

April 5 - June 2 | Opening Reception / Meet the Artists: Friday, April 5 / 5-8pm

Unfixed Concret Ideal_Katarina Burin

Exhibit Statement

Unfixed Concrete Ideal addresses the wonderful contradictions of concrete in both its formless fluidity and fixed rigidity. In some spaces, concrete can be seen as a modern and democratic material, while in others it can be quite hostile and oppressive. In many ways, concrete itself represents the ideals of the modern era, but also how incomplete those ideals often became. 

Works from this show represent a range of artists and educators nationally and internationally, bringing their unique perspectives towards this material and its social impact.

Exhibiting artists:
Allyson Viera, Andy Graydon, Anssi Taulu, Ben Sloat, Brian Unwin, Candice Ivy, Gabo Camnitzer, Isaiah "Prophet" Raines, Jennifer Barrows + Brendan McGuirl, Jerry Mischak, Jia-Jen Lin, Jim Ricks, Katarina Burin, Maria Lalou + Skafte Aymo-Boot, Rob Lambert, Tracey Snelling + Arthur Debert, Trisomy 9

Artist Bio

Ryan Rasmussen

Ryan Rasmussen is a multi-disciplinary artist, researcher, and educator whose works spans practices in sculpture, installation, kinetic and electronic works, and video. Ryan's current work explores the blurring boundary between virtual and physical bodies to study and interpret the coalescing of these disparate ontologies as an emergent spatiotemporal-virtual entanglement. His teaching covers a broad range of topics including Intermedia, Sculpture, 3D Design, Interactive Art, and Digital Art.

Ryan has had numerous exhibitions worldwide at such venues as: Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art (Doha, Qatar), CICA Museum of South Korea, Kyoto Cultural House (Kyoto, Japan), Art Space (Bay area, CA), Glass Curtain Gallery (Chicago, IL), Museum of Anthropology (Minsk, Belarus), Nancy Fyfe Cardozier Gallery (Midland-Odessa, TX), and the International Print Biennial - Museu do Douro (Portugal).


Figure 7 / Shaina Gates / 2021 / 6.5x6x2.5 / $400


Figure 20 / Shaina Gates / 2021 / 10x9x3 / $500


Figure 12 / Shaina Gates / 2021 / 5x5x3 / $400


Figure 164 / Shaina Gates / 2022 / 9x8x2 / $500

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