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Noticing Light

works by Christina Watka

November 22 - January 28 | Opening Reception / Meet the Artists: Friday, November 22 / 5-8pm

Noticing Light

Artist Statement

Inspired by natural beauty, Christina Watka creates joyful spaces that reflect the interplay between light, fullness, movement, and stillness. Her process is grounded in mindfulness, repeating the same movement until it becomes meditative. By multiplying and manipulating simple materials, familiar natural forms appear: a swarm, a constellation, the changing texture of a body of water.

Her work invites the viewer into balance: the simple act of following light across a suspended sculpture made of mica and acrylic conjures the same sense of calm and wonder as a walk in the woods. 

Artist Bio

Christina Watka (Cape Elizabeth, ME)

Spending her lifetime loving and wondering about the world, Christina Watka uses the simple delight of experiencing nature fully to create layers of meaning in space. All of her work is based heavily in process, using her body in a repeated creative gesture to make work that discusses light and joy and the interplay between the two.

No matter what, site-specific installation art changes the essence of a given space more than any other art form, and that is where Christina finds a home.


Figure 7 / Shaina Gates / 2021 / 6.5x6x2.5 / $400


Figure 20 / Shaina Gates / 2021 / 10x9x3 / $500


Figure 12 / Shaina Gates / 2021 / 5x5x3 / $400


Figure 164 / Shaina Gates / 2022 / 9x8x2 / $500

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