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How are you feeling? How have you been? As a global community, and in our personal lives, it is a time of profound change. For some, the energy and excitement of a return to public spaces can’t be contained. Others are weary. Some of us are even wary.

The artists’ work featured in Transitions and Meditations offers both a literal invitation to meditation as well as an opportunity to reflect on nature as nurture and the power of creative expression to help us process events and emotions.

We are thrilled to welcome you back to indoor, in-person events at 3S Artspace and look forward to many opportunities to celebrate the joy of coming together through the arts. Please set your own pace, and please, take care.=

MJ Benson

Statement: As an artist, I begin with the horizon, its ever steady line of delineation between the spaces of land, sky, sea. In between are layers and layers of light and color, sprung from my memory but unbound by realism. I use a framework, a few rules around composition or color, but it’s the tension between what I expect and what the work is telling me that dictates the flow and finish. I work, and wait, until the profound shifting between place and memory stills itself harmoniously into the work. Bio: MJ Benson is a prolific artist, working in parallel with paint, fiber, and photography. Her work represents explorations of the elements around bodies of sky and water, particularly in Maine, the colors and moods. The ocean, in league with the sky and the land, has always fascinated her with its ability to soothe and terrify, its very solid, moving mass so easily shifted by the solid earth below it and the orbiting moon above. It’s always been home to her. Learn more.


Shanna Fliegel

Statement: Does every moment exist forever? What is it that compels us to preserve thoughts, memories, and events? Clay possesses the tender, yet powerful ability to record marks as it reflects touch, surface, and impression instinctively. It is alive as earth, and provides a conduit between the human experience and visual narrative.

I find comfort in physics, in that research is confirming that the multiple dimensions that surround us may very well support every moment in time. It seems both magical and a relief that each story we experience as humans may always exist forever, especially when change is the only constant. Learn more.


Lana Vogestad

Statement: YNDI combines transformational yoga classes and guided meditations with custom composed soundscapes and cinematography, to create an immersive, multi-sensory experience. The clear instruction by Lana Vogestad and a minimalist art direction that eliminates distraction, facilitate a deeper, more direct connection, and hold ample space for healing. Learn more.

  • YNDI Meditation • Stillness 7 min
    • Music by Ryan Wofford
    • Stark cinematography and soundscape all enhance a guided meditation into stillness. In stillness, you can let go deeply and rest in the present.
  • YNDI Meditation • Tranquility 15 min
    • Soak in the breathtaking wonders and sounds during a misty morning sunrise in this guided meditation to help you take a pause and feel peace.


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