On exhibit in the virtual Gallery March 5 - April 25, 2021:

Every Other Line
Works by Jim Zingarelli

Artist Statement:
With influences ranging from jazz improvisation to color theories, from Vermeer to Albers, from Dostoevsky to Emmanuel Levinas, Jim Zingarelli's new body of paintings rhythmically improvises its way through the diverse issues where “the face of the other” becomes the means by which individual works (and we as individuals) find identity.

Works by Cody Mack

Artist Statement:
Cody Mack works with a material called Pennsylvania Bluestone, creating objects, color schemes and abstractions referring to its own materiality. Using both predetermined and subjective aesthetics in his paintings, prints, and sculpture, Mack presents his own paradox exploring language, composition, line and color.

Ordinary, Elusive
Works by Steve Novick

Artist Statement:
Have you ever become fixated on a word (“rooster”, say, or “barrel”) and repeated it in your head, over and over, until its sounds became alien—practically divorced from language? That sort of game, between sense and its absence, also may play out in a visual arena. Steve Novick's sculptures attempt to take advantage of that possibility, though that is not the exclusive aim.

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