Your visit to 3S Artspace


Our staff is following guidance issued by the state of New Hampshire and the CDC, and we’re committed to making your visit a safe and enjoyable experience. Please take a moment to read our guidelines for keeping you and our staff safe. Our staff will inform you of any changes to our policies upon your arrival to 3S.

  • For fully vaccinated guests, masks are optional. For non-vaccinated guests, masks are strongly encouraged.

  • Practice frequent hand washing/hygiene. Sinks are available in the restrooms and hand sanitizer stations are available throughout 3S.
  • Thank you for being mindful of the personal space of guests and staff.
  • Please stay home if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.


If you are sick and/or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home. Thank you.

1. Do you have any symptoms of COVID-19 or fever of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher?

Symptoms of COVID-19 can include:

  • Fever, or feeling feverish;
  • Respiratory symptoms such as runny nose, nasal congestion, sore throat, cough, or shortness of breath
  • General body symptoms such as muscle aches, chills, and severe fatigue;
  • Gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea, and
  • Changes in a person’s sense of taste or smell.

2. Have you had close contact with someone in the prior 10 days who has tested positive for COVID-19?

3. Have you traveled in the prior 10 days internationally (outside of the U.S., except for essential travel to/from Canada) or on a cruise ship?


Here are some of the safety measures we've taken:

  • Increased cleaning/sanitization procedures prior to, during, and post-events.
  • Hand sanitizer stations are installed throughout 3S.
  • Signage with safety guidance installed throughout 3S.


  • A new 100% outdoor air heating and cooling unit installed in the Performance Space continuously cycles clean outside air into the space. The new unit includes a MERV 13 air filter upgrade which outside air passes through, reducing allergens and pollutants.
  • Additionally, an ionizing system called iWave was installed. This system not only pulls particulates together to create larger material that is caught within high-grade filters, but it also removes the hydrogen from the particulate that might have the virus within it and starves it of its food source, effectively killing bacteria and viruses.
  • Upgraded filters and 6 iWave systems were installed on each heating and cooling unit throughout the facility including the Gallery, lobby, and Barrio.
  • These upgrades create a supremely clean and safe air quality environment throughout 3S.