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Art 'Round Town

Art 'Round Town
5 - 8pm

On Friday, December 7, the Gallery at 3S Artspace is open until 8pm as part of the monthly Art 'Round Town art walk. Held year round, Art 'Round Town occurs the first Friday of every month. Galleries of downtown Portsmouth open their doors to the public for a gallery walk that celebrates our inspired, intimate urban community. We hope you'll stop by, have a glass of wine and take in our new exhibit, Wildlife Fashion Art Safari featuring the works of Peter Morgan and Adam Hinterlang as well as the new Lobby Gallery exhibit, Yoga Photogravures.

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works by Peter Morgan and Adam Hinterlang

Wildlife Fashion Art Safari began in the summer of 2005 as a collaboration between ceramicist Peter Morgan and new media artist Adam Hinterlang. The original principal was to take fashionable, trendy colors of the day and apply them to silhouetted images of animals in action poses. This project brought together both artists' interest in animals & color theory. Wildlife Fashion ArtSafari was our get rich quick scheme that involved creating designs for purses, and T-shirts that we are still waiting to capitalize on.


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works by Jay Goldsmith

There is a certain quality in something made by hand. The presentation of an insight, which in the case of photography is the print, seems somehow different when it is a product of skilled craftsmanship rather than the press of a button. A darkroom photograph may not be as perfect as a digital print, but that may be its validity: neither is it as sterile. Read more...