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Art 'Round Town

5 - 8pm

On Friday, July 5, the Gallery at 3S Artspace is open until 8pm as part of the monthly Art 'Round Town art walk. Held year round, Art 'Round Town occurs the first Friday of every month. Galleries of downtown Portsmouth open their doors to the public for a gallery walk that celebrates our inspired, intimate urban community. We hope you'll stop by to take in the Factory Made exhibit in the Gallery, as well as the LeapTwistTurn exhibit inhabiting the Lobby Gallery and Performance Space.

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Multidisciplinary artist Michael Hambouz uses: multi-dimensional perspectives and forms as tools to capture profound life experiences and daily observations; the process of making, for positive self-healing and/or diversion from said experiences; and the finished work, as a vehicle to initiate connectivity and dialogue with others. His work ranges from light, humorous vignettes to heavier investigations embedded within symbolic, abstracted subtexts—approaching each piece with the same adaptive thoughtfulness as he approaches the ebbs and flows of daily life.

For the Factory Made series, he hand-cut paper stock from independently-owned, family-run French Paper Company to create vibrant, abstracted scenes of the very factory where the paper is produced. The subject matter is of particular resonance to the artist, growing up within a mile of the mill, and investigating it as a means to reconnect with his hometown of Niles, Michigan following the unexpected passing of his mother in 2012. The resulting series celebrates small manufacturing and a geographical sense of home. Read more...

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Adria Arch creates "hybrid paintings" on lightweight plastic comprised of cut out abstract elements inhabiting space. Points of entry physically engage and suggest new ways of seeing. Suspended from the ceiling and walls, this work combines the formal concerns of painting while extending into space like sculpture, thus their hybrid nature. These installations question what makes a painting and how the viewer interacts with it.

Twist, turn, spin, leap – these words evoke the dance-like movements that inform the compositions. Expressing a physical experience of the world, they reach into the realm of both theater and child’s play. Referencing decorative elements and colors typical of mid-20th century women’s clothing, comic books, and street art, Arch uses pattern, shadows and bold colors with sharply defined edges that suggest self-assertion. The use of simple and often ephemeral materials (paper and lightweight plastic) unapologetically champions the handmade. Read more...