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Large Woodcut Print Sessions
Saturday, August 26 and Sunday, August 27
Free and open to the public.

Join us! You're invited to the Gallery at 3S to watch as artists print large-scale woodblocks on BIG INK's giant mobile printmaking press!


Artists from the local community will gather at 3S Artspace to use The Big Tuna, a giant mobile printmaking press, to create large-scale relief prints. The event is open for the public to attend and observe the printing process. BIG INK LLC, an art education company based in New England, is collaborating with 3S Artspace for the fourth time to organize this demonstration of fine-art printing.

The demonstration will feature local and regional artists' work. Each participant signed up for an online workshop to learn how to carve a woodblock. They have been working from home, receiving guidance from their instructor, BIG INK's founder, Lyell Castonguay. The workshop culminates with an in-person meeting at 3S Artspace, where they print their finished carvings together.

Castonguay and his co-founder Carand Burnet will set up a portable print shop inside the Gallery at 3S. Castonguay and his students will apply special ink to each woodblock, lay paper on top, and run it through The Big Tuna printing press.

"The printing demo at 3S Artspace celebrates artistic creation and forges new connections in the community," states Castonguay. He adds, "We encourage the public to attend. It's a chance to see the oldest form of printmaking still in practice today."

Like the fish, The Big Tuna mobile press is large and powerful. It can print a wood carving up to 40 by 96 inches. Most equipment its size weighs several tons, but this model is custom designed for travel. Since 2012, BIG INK has organized workshop demonstrations in partnership with museums, universities, art centers, and galleries nationwide.

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