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Supertouch: A Modern Gig Poster Retrospective (Opening Reception)

Supertouch: A Modern Gig Poster Retrospective
Exhibition Dates: February 19 - February 28, 2016

Opening Reception: February 19, 5-8pm

Supertouch, a modern gig poster retrospective, brings together some of the most exciting, popular, and talented gig poster artists in the country. With more than 40 artists hailing from 20 states with artwork for close to a hundred bands, the show captures the spirit of our independent musical landscape.

With a storied and rich history, the gig poster scene today is a thriving and large community of designers, illustrators, and printmakers from all over the world. What makes gig posters so special is their tangible connection between two of our collective cultural touchstones - art and music.

Curated by Dylan Haigh, founder & Creative Director at Haigh + Martino, the opening weekend will coincide with a sold-out Animal Collective show and a show by Chicago's Disappears, performing David Bowie's Low.

Featured artists include:

Arsenal Handicraft
Ben Chlapek
Boss Construction
Brett Stenson
Conrad Garner
Courtney Blair
Dan MacAdam / Crosshair
Delicious Design League
Derek Vander Griend
Doe Eyed
Eric Kenney
Furturtle Show Prints
Hernan Valencia
Jay Ryan
Jesse LeDoux
Jon Vogl
Kat Lamp
Matt Harvey
Matt Talbot
Mike Klay
Nathaniel Raymond
Nate Duval
Peter Cardoso
Pink Bike Ralph
Ryan Besch / Your Cinema
Rockets Are Red
Scott Campbell
The Half and Half
The Workweek