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Block Six Presents: WM. HEX WIRE

Thursday, July 14
8PM in Block Six

"Block Six Presents" is a way to showcase local acts in an intimate setting, giving patrons the opportunity to drink and eat while enjoying live music.

wm. hexwire (fmr. videosforpictures) is the new recording project of w. who lives just down the street & pass'd the highway & across'd the other street (eventually you'll see a road sign that reads vertically: "newmarket/rockingham" and that's where he used to live but - -). glad to report he is feeling a little better this time around! after nearly ten years of tossing song collections onto the internet - piano/vox songwriting experiments fed through ambient, noise, & pop filters - WM. HEXWIRE offers a new, entirely analogue direction this coming fall with a new 17-track project of lo-fi detritus-folk tunes b/w assorted montages et al., available only on limited CS. that as-of-yet tape is the reason for tonight's show and the next show (ask a punk & they probably couldn't tell you either)! we are talking all new for tonight's program (except for the ones that aren't) and you can expect the digital piano, the one with the broken Bb3, still gotta… or shoot, maybe not. this is the sound 'n' that is the fog!