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Block Six Presents: Heavy Pockets

Block Six Presents: Heavy Pockets
Thursday, August 25 

"Block Six Presents" is a way to showcase local acts in an intimate setting, giving patrons the opportunity to drink and eat while enjoying live music. 

"While the storied Seacoast punk scene can be a bit more difficult to find these days, Heavy Pockets are at the forefront of a new generation carrying the torch. The break-out melodic punk band recalls the glory daze of the Elvis Room with updated revolutionary ideas on equality, mental illness, and love. Shayla Riggs’ smartly emotive and captivating songwriting propels “Bite Because You Like It” into the Seacoast’s best releases with a power that can’t be matched by the loudest shouts or screams. It’s a gift for marginalized punks of every creed and gender, but perhaps more importantly, an introduction to others who feel the same way."