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Block Six Presents: Adam Demirjian

Block Six Presents: Adam Demirjian
Wednesday, October 19

"Block Six Presents" is a way to showcase local acts in an intimate setting, giving patrons the opportunity to drink and eat while enjoying live music. 

Adam Demirjian is an aspiring songwriter who endeavors to ignite and change the way we experience art and music. He invites unbounded risk taking in both the creation of art and in the way we experience it. He regularly performs with Boston’s youngest Tom Petty Cover band ‘Me in Capris,’ who’s debut EP “For Those Who Think You” has has been downloaded 495 times through the web-based application ‘Bandcamp,’ with record sales peaking at $425.66. His songwriting has drawn comparisons to the likes of contemporary cult classics such as Orville Sash, Doogan Nash and Sha Na Na. In his own words, 

“at the end of the day it’s all about the music, man.”