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Block Six Presents: Ryan Rock Egan

Block Six Presents: Ryan Rock Egan
Wednesday, March 29

"Block Six Presents" is a way to showcase local acts in an intimate setting, giving patrons the opportunity to drink and eat while enjoying live music.

Ryan Rock Egan is an artist and musician based out of Manchester, New Hampshire. Over the years Ryan has been in a slew of acts such as Pleasure Gap, Badfellows, Bunny Boy, Frostheave, and others. More recently he has been focusing efforts on a new project under the moniker of Baby Lawns, which is due to record a full length record this spring. Egan's sound is a slacker-induced style of indie-punk/rock that is often compared to bands like Pavement, Modest Mouse, and Broken Social Scene. His songwriting often covers themes such as American life, depression, memories, and personal loss.