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Knock on Wood Opening Reception


Exhibit Dates: April 7 – May 20
Opening Reception: Saturday, April 8, 5-8pm

This exhibition brings work relating to themes of luck and superstition together with work literally made of or on wood. This playful interpretation of “Knock on Wood”- said in order to prevent a confident statement from bringing bad luck - is reflected in the self-taught, fine art / folk art aesthetic, which carries across each artist’s individual body of work.

Scott Chasse (curator for Knock on Wood and exhibiting artist)
Born in 1974 in north-eastern Massachusetts, Chasse now splits his time between Brooklyn and Woodstock, NY. An obsession with “persona” and the implications associated with what one creates are themes that drive the varied bodies of work he has produced. His most recent paintings and sculptures willfully explore folk art and craft, allowing his background as a woodworker to infiltrate his fine art making. 

Chasse is the Founding Director of the Calico exhibition space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. He works as a curator for exhibitions and commercial clients, and has over 10 years experience as an organizer for special arts events. 

Kenley Darling
Kenley Darling is a New Hampshire based artist currently residing in the sea coast area. Her illustrations and paintings are often intertwined with the concept of good luck. Although over the years the images have changed, the line remains the same. She explores the ideas of superstition, folklore, and faith, from shooting stars and lucky pennies to mandalas and simple shapes. Luck has been a constant theme throughout. 

Darling’s most recent works focus on "the center”: a place that, within her art and herself, she explores with the belief that in this process there is only luck to be found. 

Thomas Dupere
Thomas Dupere was born and raised in New England. He is a self-taught artist working in a variety of mediums and materials. A life-long skateboarder and a concrete skatepark builder by trade, he draws inspiration from the sculptural elements of building and riding these functional pieces of art.

Dupere’s endless travels and wandering has informed his perception and concept of creating art; imperfect perfection, a wabi sabi style. Allowing the process to dictate the outcome, his work is about the journey, not so much the destination.

Damion Silver
Damion Silver was born and raised in central Connecticut and now lives in Northern Massachusetts. He is a predominantly self-taught artist who has developed his skills from trades such as animation inker, cabinetmaking, and foundry work. His latest body of work evolves his collage and assemblage techniques from paper to wood and metal. Utilizing found, made, and sometimes liberated materials, Silver draws influence from the decaying urban landscape and a lifetime of skateboarding on the East Coast.

Silver's work has been shown across the U.S., Europe, Japan, and Australia. When not working as a design director, he is hanging out with his son and wife.

Knock on Wood is supported in part through a generous sponsorship from Natural Rocks.