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Block Six Presents: Charles

Block Six Presents: Charles
Wednesday, May 10
3S Artspace Gallery

"Block Six Presents" is a way to showcase local acts in an intimate setting.

I was seventeen when I met Charles for the first time. I locked the door, opened the window, and crawled out. On warmer nights, I’d ride my bike to Hannah’s neighborhood, where we’d share a bottle of wine on her neighbor’s lawn. That night, though, was the third or fourth real snow of winter. I sat beneath the single buzzing blue light that spread from the porch to the edge of the world to watch the smoke rise and the snow fall in the space between. Charles crawled out from beneath the steps. 
Three years later I got the call at work but I couldn’t get home in time. Charles was hiding under the clawfoot bathtub. I asked Hannah and Cody to leave. I cut apart my favorite shirt, kept the design on the front, and wrapped Charles in the rest. He fit in a small box, a little bigger than a shoebox.  
Charles started in Cody’s basement a few months later. Alternately Charles started a few years prior at my mother’s house with Connor. Another origin could have been in Ezra’s garage. Charles is a lot of loose ends with a largely unresolved beginning. Maybe Charles hasn’t even started. Mostly Charles isn’t even a band but more like an inside joke. Charles is a coatrack of songs that were bought at a thrift shop, cheap enough to keep us coming back for more, of such poor quality that they deteriorate before they hit the ground. Charles is a grease fire on the back burner. Charles shreds, and also succs.