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Jessie Jeanne & Dancers

Jessie Jeanne & Dancers
Open (and free) company rehearsals for public viewing M-F, 1-3pm, 7/10-7/14 and 7/17-7/21
Public performance tentatively scheduled for Thursday, 7/20, 7pm
Public dance workshops scheduled 7/14 and 7/15, time 10am-12:30pm

3S Artspace is thrilled to announce our support of Jessie Jeanne & Dancers through our first ever residency program.  

"Jessie Jeanne & Dancers strives to present dance works that are socially relevant; works that interrogate issues that the world is facing currently. We are interested in works which take risks by pushing traditional notions of performance beyond what is “safe” and into territory which crosses cultural and interpersonal boundaries.” 

Art with social relevance speaks to 3S values. We encourage expression and want to highlight how movement can help us process concepts in ways that words can't. The piece being developed by Jessie Jeanne & Dancers during this residency is a new work focused on women's sexuality and “how social and cultural frameworks inform, pattern, and re­pattern one’s notion of sexuality and how a creative practice can invite a release of inhibiting, or questioning, of automatic assumptions which choreograph us.”  

3S Artspace and Jessie Jeanne & Dancers will be inviting local dance companies to attend a company class to encourage the cross-company learning and begin our work of supporting a dance audience in the greater Seacoast Community.

"The piece needs time, space, collaboration, and concentrated contemplation in order to grow and deepen. As somatically­informed performers, we study our dancing bodies from the inside out through doing, interacting with our perceptions of internal events and spaces in great detail. The work demands time for us to turn inward so that we can then channel this inward knowing outward in performance.", (JJ&D)

More info about Jessie Jeanne & Dancers can be found here

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