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Mind the Heart Project Exhibit

Mind the Heart Project Exhibit
August 7, 2017
5:00pm - 7:00pm
Admission price: Free / Cash Bar

You are all invited to Come take part in a worldwide public-art project! Starting this week in Portsmouth, NH - This Friday 28th July, at Prescott Park Arts Festival, 4pm-6pm (right before the concert) and a following exhibition opening at 3S Lobby Gallery on August 7th, 5pm.

To participate, meet the Mind the Heart Project at the park and get a yarn-heart. With this heart you also get a simple, fun and mindful mission: to venture outside with an open mind, wandering eyes and a curious heart and look for spots of beauty in your neighborhood.
After you choose the spot for your heart – take a photo of it in the location and send it to us along with a couple of sentences explaining the significance of the spot. Any reason is a good and valid reason – be it the place where you first kissed or a spot with an interesting texture.
This Friday at Prescott Park, we will also take your photo along with your heart.
On August 7th, an exhibition will open at 3S lobby gallery, presenting your images and texts
(which will also appear on the project’s website and social media).
The exhibition forms a multifaceted display of perspectives that highlight points of beauty and importance as experienced through the eyes and souls of one’s neighbors.

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