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3S Artspace presents: Sound Body


3S Artspace presents:
Sound Body
Sunday, January 6 
4pm - 5:30pm*
All ages 
$27 Member single session $30 single session 


4-Session Passes
4-Session Passes are available for the Sound Body winter dates (1.6, 1.13, 1.20, 1.27) if you're looking to deepen your Sound Body experience!
$100 Members 4-session pass / $110 4-session pass 


Music, Meditation, Yoga, Art

3S Artspace presents Sound Body: a site-specific mindfulness workshop in the Gallery @ 3S Artspace.

Calling all lovers of music (particularly lovers of improv), practitioners of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and curious community members in need of a winter retreat. Sound Body is a chance for audiences and participants to retreat into a space where everyone is nurtured and cared for, and invited to share that experience with everyone in their community when they leave, to take that experience and build on it, in their own way, which coincidently is how the jazz tradition has always worked.

This Sunday series created by 3S Artspace and Circulus Arts  features improvisational jazz music led by Jonny Peiffer, and includes meditation and movement by local practitioners. 






What can you expect? 
Musicians will compose music designed for the unique sound properties of the Gallery at 3S Artspace while teachers across yoga, meditation and reiki disciplines lead participants in movement and mindfulness practice. Attendees are invited to participate to the degree they feel comfortable, merely as viewer, or to fully take on the meditation and movement guidance provided.

Bringing a yoga mats is encouraged. Casual, comfortable attire recommended. There will be two practitioners and four musicians present on each Sunday. No two Sound Body Sundays will be the same lineup-- each date will be a fresh, invigorating experience!

Sound Body is limited to 40 participants per session. 


How Sound Body came to be:
This collaboration was conceived when musician Jonny Peiffer heard bandmate Zach Lange warm up his trumpet in the Gallery at 3S. The generous resonance of the space came alive and created a unique combination of sounds that seemed to grow, not dissipate. Peiffer immediately imagined a concert of music composed for and performed in the Gallery at 3S Artspace with its unique sound landscape. He approached Beth Falconer, Executive Director, who was thrilled to help develop and support this program. 3S is committed to cross-cultivating arts experiences by bringing performance into the gallery, and visual art to the whole facility. 


*There is also a 1pm session on 1.6. Click here for more info.