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Drag Heel Camp: Learn to be a KING!

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Drag Heel Camp: Learn to be a KING!
Facilitated by Mike Hawk
Saturday, May 2
4-7pm in the Gallery
$30 Member / $35 General Admission
Geared toward ages 18+*

Learn how to become a drag king in this 3 hour workshop led by Mike Hawk! Mike will give a drag 101 talk, and then you'll dive into hair, makeup, binding & packing (optional!), and an introduction to key performance elements.

This workshop takes place in the Gallery at 3S during artist Rachel Rampleman's Life is Drag exhibit -- complete with runway!

What to bring:


-A masculine outfit. This can be jeans and a shirt, a suit, a blazer, leggings and a vest, etc.

Makeup:- Your normal everyday foundation/primer

- Cream contour palette with 4-6 color shades

- Basic eyeshadow palette (colors plus white, and dark browns)

- Eyebrow pencils/liquid eyeliner (several in black, and one in white)

- Costume face paint (can find at Party City): if your hair color is blond, buy light brown; brown hair, buy dark brown; black hair, buy black; Redheads, buy light brown and red.

- Setting spray


- Hairspray, gel, and (if you have long hair) bobby pins

For binding & packing (optional):

-You can either bring a binder or transtape if you have them, OR wear a tight sports bra, or bring a roll of KT tape .

- Tight shorts or an extra layer of underwear, 2 facecloths, and hair ties.


* Drag Heel Camp is geared for ages 18+ due to to mature topics covered in the workshop, but if your teenager is interested in participating, they are welcome providing they have parental consent. Please email for more info.


Would you rather learn to be a QUEEN? We have that workshop too!


About Mike Hawk:

Mike Hawk is a Portsmouth based drag king and host of the first and only (for now) all drag king show in NH as well as Downstairs, a monthly show for weird, crazy, campy performance art in Rollinsford, NH. Classic Mike Hawk acts include "Edward Dildohands," "Sexy Abraham Lincoln," and "Skeletor Learns the True Meaning of Christmas." A firm believer in the gender neutrality of glitter, Mike combines flamboyant flashy looks with wholesome absurdity He survives off of diet coke and validation through social media, so follow @lovemikehawk on Instagram for lots of pictures of Mike Hawk!


About the Life is Drag exhibit in the Gallery at 3S:

3S Artspace is proud to partner with multimedia artist Rachel Rampleman. Rachel's exhibit Life is Drag in the Gallery at 3S is a collaboration with dozens of drag kings and queens (including Mike Hawk!) from all over New England . Life is Drag explores subjects like gender, artifice, and spectacle. Rachel's work captures the exuberantly bold and irrepressible personalities who revel in challenging common clichés associated with masculinity and femininity.


Ticket purchases are non-refundable.


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