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Jaws Movie Marathon

jaws marathon

Jaws Movie Marathon
Saturday, July 28
Doors 1:30pm / Marathon begins 2pm
$7 Member  / $10 General Admission / All-day Marathon Pass $20
All ages / Seated
Free admission for children 14 and under! (Must be accompanied by parent or guardian.)

Jaws prize raft
Universal Pictures - © Universal Studios

Dun, dun. Dun, dun. Here at 3S, we're capping off Shark Week in the most classic way possible by having a back-to-back marathon of the Jaws movies!

Jaws: The Revenge - Doors 1:30pm / Showtime 2pm
Jaws 3 - Showtime 3:45pm
Jaws 2 - Showtime 5:45pm
Jaws - Showtime 8pm

Playing in reverse beginning with Jaws: The Revenge and ending with Spielberg's Jaws, join us for your favorite in the series. Can't pick just one? We have an All-day Marathon pass so you can watch them all from the safety of dry land. Feel free to come and go as you please.

If you're in it for the whole marathon, come early to stake your claim at a cafe table or comfy couch. Plus, we'll be serving up snacks, drinks and sodas at the bar, and free popcorn!

For all the Jaws super fans out there, this is your chance to put your old shark costumes to good use. Come dressed up and not only will you recieve adoration and lifelong respect from the 3S staff, you'll be entered to win a 7-foot great white shark pool raft:

Jaws prize raft

Yes, we're dead serious about the raft. We might even have 2 to give away.