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Noura Mint Seymali and Javelin

Saturday, May 2 at 9pm (8pm doors)
$18 / $16 members*
General Admission / Standing Show
Listen to Noura Mint Seymali here.
Listen to Javelin here
"...creating a mesmerizing tension between ancient and futuristic. "  - The Chicago Reader

"With her strong charisma and appeal to the audience she will become a major star." -Afropop Worldwide

Noura Mint Seymali is a nationally beloved star and one of Mauritania’s foremost musical emissaries, having begun her career,  aged 13, as a supporting vocalist with her legendary step-mother Dimi Mint Abba.Reared in a culture of collision where sounds from across the Sahara, the Magreb, and West Africa coalesce in the dynamic language of the Moorish griot, Noura’s success stems from her ability to combine a rare classical mastery and a griot’s cultural authority with musical idioms that speak to the emergent realities of youth culture in West Africa and beyond.Composing for an ensemble with traditional instruments at its core—ardine (harp), tidinit (lute), and t’beul (bowl drum)— and fortified by Western bass and drum-set, Noura employs the instruments and modal structures essential to Moorish tradition while simultaneously delivering ideas within the format of the pop song, the ever-potent currency of memes in contemporary Africa.With Mauritania’s unique cultural and geographic identity as a desert nation physically and socially between North and Sub-Saharan Africa—Noura Mint Seymali is a vital and vibrant staging post on the road from the Medinas of Fez and Algiers to the dance clubs of Bamako and Dakar and an unforgettable voice of Africa.With an already formidable international debut, at events like Festivalau-Desert (Mali), Festival Pirineos (Spain), and Festival Timitar (Morocco), and collaborations with artists like Tinariwen, Bassekou Kouyaté, and Baaba Maal, Noura Mint Seymali is steadily gaining wider recognition, determined to bring Mauritanian music to the world.

Javelin is the creative endeavor of George Langford and Tom Van Buskirk, cousins from New England.

Javelin began making music in 2005 under the auspice of the Providence, RI art/noise scene. They wielded a mobile boombox soundsystem that used FM transmission to pump out pop-influenced sample collages, and their aesthetic aimed for surrealist block party in-a-box.

In 2008 they performed at MoMA’s Poprally event and moved operations to Brooklyn. They quickly made a dent in the extensively musician-populated borough and were featured in Pitchfork’s “Rising” section. Pitchfork also named “Vibrationz” Best New Track, and gave honorable mention to the self-released CD-R Jamz n Jemz in their Staff List 50 Best Albums of the Year (2009). Javelin released two 12″ EPs on Thrill Jockey that were housed in dollar bin record sleeves and silkscreened with their name, actualizing the thrift store / dollar bin / sampled art aesthetic that had been their hallmark.

In 2010 Javelin signed to Luaka Bop, David Byrne’s psychedelic world music label, who released their debut LP No Màs. The album artwork and booklet featured spray painted record cover collages by Tom Van Buskirk. Javelin played shows and toured with Yeasayer, Sleigh Bells, Future Islands, Matt & Kim, Warpaint, Major Lazer, performing at Lollapalooza and The Whitney Museum, as well as parties across the US, Europe, and South America. They booked the flights themselves.

In 2011 Javelin joined up with a wagon train and headed West. The Kickstarter funded psychedelic cowboy short film Canyon Candy, directed by Mike Anderson, and the Canyon Candy EP (Luaka Bop), found Javelin exploring a junk store cowboy aesthetic. The project culminated in a multimedia art installation with Mike Anderson at the Clocktower Gallery in New York, which stayed up half the year into 2012.

The new record, released in the Spring of 2013, is called Hi Beams. It represents a more holistic approach to writing and recording than previously attempted by the band. Lyrics and vocal harmonies for the first time are foregrounded in decidedly songlike forms. Songs made to be performed in concert rather than as a patchwork of fragmented if glittery shards.

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