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Yuri's Night Portsmouth

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Yuri's Night Portsmouth
Thursday, April 14
Partially seated
$12 Admission

Get "spaced out” at Yuri’s Night Portsmouth: a social, educational, and artistic celebration of humanity's first steps into the “final frontier."

It was April 12, 1961 when Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin was shot into space completing one lap around the Earth and firing the imagination of humans around the world. Twenty years later on April 12th, 1981, the first Space Shuttle mission launched! Looking back since that first day, we’ve landed humans on the moon, explored the outer reaches of the solar system, and are talking about the possibility of a real “warp” drive—currently under study at NASA-- that could one day take us to the stars.

So make plans to join us for an evening of fun and exploration featuring real astrophysicists, rocket scientists and astronomers. On tap for the evening are special speakers talking about our future in space, short videos featuring current and future missions to the beyond.

Those who come appropriately dressed for a “spacetacular” evening will get a special memento to remember the night.


About the speakers:

  • Andrew Clifford is a NASA Ambassador who has been doing space public outreach since 2015. Andrew has had the opportunity to attend numerous launches, experience events (such as the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse), and visit places like NASA’s Kennedy Space Center and SpaceX’s Starbase. All of these visits are with the purpose of bringing those exciting experiences back to the local community to share his passion of spaceflight, both in-person and through his “Solid Rocket Future” YouTube videos. By day, he’s a manager for a telehealth company in Massachusetts. By night, he’s an up-and-coming space industry commentator/video creator who would jump at the chance for a ride into space!

    All Eyes on Starbase — You may think of Kennedy Space Center and maybe even Johnson Space Center as the epicenters of spaceflight history, but it’s time to add Starbase-Boca Chica, Texas to the list. Andrew will speak about what’s happening at Starbase; including the development of the Starship exploration class rocket by SpaceX, and how it is one of the most documented engineering projects in recent history due to the prevalence and accessibility of social media. Questions are welcome!

  • Jennifer Benn is an Artist/Painter whose work examines the role of technology and topics related to the various space programs as content for her large scale expressive oil paintings. She began investigating this subject while pursuing her MFA at Syracuse University and has found it to be an infinite subject of fascination and learning. A lifelong sci-fi geek, she enjoys combing her study of outer space along with pop culture visual references. Recent artworks explore Valentina Tereshkova’s spacecraft and the women of Mercury XIII. You can see more of her work at After 15 years of college art teaching, Benn now works part-time teaching Art to others, part-time at the Lamont Gallery at Phillips Exeter Academy and painting in her art studio at the Button Factory in Portsmouth. In 2014 She attended a NASA Social event at Michoud Assembly Facility outside NOLA to learn about the SLS [Space Launch System] plan to get to the Moon and Mars - now called Artemis. She is a NASA Ambassador and a member of IAAA [International Association of Astronomical Artists].

    For this event she will offer a brief history of some of her favorite Space Art & Space Artists and their importance in sharing and selling the various space programs to the general public.

  • A representative from the United States Space Force will be on site speaking about their experiences in the newly-created Space Force. Come listen to learn what the Space Force does, how they operate, and what a day in the life of a Space Force officer is like!
  • Anthony (Tony) Rogers is a doctoral candidate in space plasma physics at the University of New Hampshire. He is a member of the MMS Science Working Team and a published researcher on magnetic reconnection in the Earth's magnetotail. Coming to science the long way via a decade-long detour as a sound engineer for Ringling Bros., Barnum & Bailey Circus and multiple tours with Disney, Tony has maintained his dedication to an audience through teaching and outreach. He is a founding member of the University of Iowa Clear Sky Patrol, a long-time volunteer organizer and speaker for the New England Fall Astronomy Festival (NEFAF), and he continues to support public education in astronomy and STEM in general. In his spare time Tony enjoys many varieties of cheese as well as long walks, preferably under starlight.

    Space Weather: Winds, Storms, and How they Affect Us —The Sun is constantly emitting not only light and heat but a never-ending flow of electrons, protons, and other particles in an ever-present but constantly changing Solar Wind. Just like the winds we're familiar with on Earth, sudden changes in the solar wind can cause storms where huge amounts of energy are transferred. And just like the storms that we are familiar with on Earth, these storms are both beautifully majestic and capable of damaging or destroying important infrastructure and even endangering lives. We’ll talk about where these winds come from, how they interact with the Earth, and why it's so important to understand how it all works.


About the organizer:
Caleigh MacPherson is a local NASA Ambassador and mechanical engineer who previously worked on the NASA Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) satellite mission. She is a co-founder of the Astro Advocates and Allies group, which aims to prevent sexual harassment and bullying in the space industry. She has been honored as one of the state’s Rising Star Young Professionals, 40 under Forty, and 10 to Watch award winners for her STEM volunteer work. She currently works as a Program Manager in the defense industry, and attends rocket launches any chance she gets.


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