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March 3rd – March 26th

Opening Reception: Friday, March 10, 5-8pm

Macro / Micro / Eco - Students from Portsmouth Middle School 

Macro / Micro / Eco showcases the work of several groups of Portsmouth Middle School Visual Arts Students.  Together with instructor Anna Nuttall, students have drawn inspiration from plant life (and a few critters), from both land and marine environments. From perspectives beyond what the naked eye can see, artists explored Macro-lens views of plants and flowers, Microscopic-views of plant cells and cross-sections, and with the help Mike Doherty from the Seacoast Science Center, discovered the visual wonders and HUGE ecological impact of plankton. Through making the tiny, sometimes  "invisible" world HUGE and visible, artists hope to raise awareness about the importance of protecting and supporting our natural environment.  On show will be relief block prints, paintings, illustrations, digital art and more. Artists will be on-site for the reception on March 10. We hope you join us.

MACRO: Some artists explored the incredible power of the macro lens on looking at the plant-based world. We searched the world (wide web) for flowers and plants near and far to get inspired for some acrylic paintings. They then used our viewfinders to zoom in EVEN MORE and look for interesting, almost abstract compositions within their image. For many, this was the first time using acrylic paint! Some artists also explored these views and created digital works of art!

MICRO: Other groups explored the inspiring imagery provided through various microscopes of plants and plant parts. Students viewed cross-section views, cellular views, and some amazing images from electron microscopes. Artists then used that imagery to interpret and add their own colorful twist to in creating watercolor paintings, relief block prints, digital art prints, and mixed media works.

ECO: Our last group dove into imagery and themes inspired by what we see through the microscopic lens in our oceans.  While we discussed and viewed local fish as well, the small but powerful plankton (and other microorganisms) were our focus - what a world is in the water that we can’t see with the naked eye! Seacoast Science Center Marine Biology Educators visited the classroom and shared some incredible insight into the role plankton play in the health of our oceans - and what our oceans provide for OUR health! Mediums explored include digital art, acrylic painting, mixed media and more.

April 7th - May 20th

Opening Reception: Saturday, April 8th, 5-8pm

Knock On Wood - Scott Chasse, Kenley Darling, Thomas Dupere, and Damion Silver

This exhibition brings work relating to themes of luck and superstition together with work literally made of or on wood. This playful interpretation of “Knock on Wood”- said in order to prevent a confident statement from bringing bad luck - is reflected in the self-taught, fine art / folk art aesthetic, which carries across each artist’s individual body of work.

Scott Chasse, who also owns the artist-run gallery Calico in Brooklyn, NY, has curated and collaborated with the other artists to bring together a cohesive exhibition consisting of paintings, drawings, sculptures, and site-specific installation. Chasse’s work consists of wooden sculptures and hand painted Hex Signs - colorful combinations of stars and rosettes painted on wooden circles that were traditionally painted on barns by the Pennsylvania Dutch to ward off evil. Kenley Darling, along with drawings, paintings, and installation work, will direct a “postcard project” for the show stemming from her ongoing “good luck postcards” series. Visitors will be encouraged to choose a handmade postcard from the exhibition and send well-wishes to whomever they’d like. An installation of mailboxes will be constructed in the gallery space to fill with postcards, which will later be mailed by the artists. Assemblages and sculptures by Damion Silver will bring trinkets and mandalas into the mix. Much of Silver’s work (2D and 3D) involves reclaimed and modified wood, skillfully cut and shaped into perfect puzzle-like configurations. Thomas Dupere’s painted-on-scrap-wood figures mumble phrases of beatnik wisdom or superstitious sarcasm. All of Dupere’s work stems from his lifelong dedication to skateboarding, an art form in itself, which began with roller-skate wheels attached to a wooden board.

June 3rd - July 15th

Opening Reception: Friday, June 2nd, 5-8pm

Big Ink - curated by Lyell Castonguay

BIG INK collaborates with artists, community organizations, and the public to produce large black and white woodcuts for exhibition and educational purposes. Artists submit a proposal to create a big print, at least 24”x36” in dimension, through BIGINK.org. If accepted, they are given two months to carve an image. At the end of the two months, BIG INK meets with the participants at 3S Gallery and helps them print their woodcut onto paper using the BIG INK large mobile printmaking press.

A print made by each artist during the event is archived in the BIG INK portfolio, which is exhibited in galleries and museums and digitized on our online gallery. A curated selection of prints will be exhibited at 3S Artspace.

There is a call for entries page here.