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Art 'Round Town

5 - 8pm

On Friday, October 4, the Gallery at 3S Artspace is open until 8pm as part of the monthly Art 'Round Town art walk. Held year round, Art 'Round Town occurs the first Friday of every month. Galleries of downtown Portsmouth open their doors to the public for a gallery walk that celebrates our inspired, intimate urban community. We hope you'll stop by to take in new exhibit devolve in the Gallery, as well as our Lobby Gallery exhibit, Elvis Room 20: A Retrospective.

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devolve is my ode to the non-human species that we can’t seem to stop ourselves from destroying; and a sideways look at how we humans keep ourselves at the center of this equation. To devolve is to pass on rights, responsibilities, and/or powers, from one person or entity to another. As a verb, it also suggests degeneration, possibly an entropic unmaking. devolve consists of objects and small installations, most created in the last 3 years. I work primarily with hair because it is deeply personal, and at the same time a shared mammalian attribute. Its central role here feels a bit obsessive, and fetishistic, and right. Many of the works, most obviously the “orifice” pieces, are similar to mandalas in composition and in the ritual sense: they represent the effort to reunify the self. The self, in this instance, has to be a self that is not separate from its natural, biological world. Read more...

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Elvis Room 20: A Retrospective

This Lobby Gallery exhibit features photography, archival media, and journals from patrons, musicians, writers, and artists that were part of the Elvis Room community.

Provocative and uncensored, the Elvis Room journals are the most unique of time capsules, inviting visitors into the minds of the Portsmouth youth counter-culture and art scene in the 90s. In addition to displays of heartfelt artwork and poetry, the platform and anonymity of these journal entries draws striking parallels to modern social media: lust, love, heartbreak, bullying, rumors, violence-- it’s all there, beautifully handwritten in all its glory.

The archival photographs on display use the lens to show what the Elvis Room was like from the outside looking in. Timothy Donovan's large format black and white and color photography captures the raw energy and madness of the Elvis Room in 35mm splendor. Read more...