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Bowie and the Moon: Prepare For Takeoff

Bowie and the Moon: Prepare For Takeoff

Thursday, July 11
Free and open to the public
Family friendly

Join us in the Loading Dock for some family fun with live music and art displays from youth students in: PMAC's Summer Jazz Workshop, PMAC's Time Machine Madness art camp, and 3S Artspace's Fashion ReWERKED workshop.


About the PMAC Summer Jazz Workshop:
Young musicians in middle and high school experiment with jazz improvisation led by Matt Langley and Chris Klaxton. Students learn classics and contemporary music, both in combos and in a big band that incorporates everyone. Expect some out-of-this-world Bowie tunes during their performance!

About PMAC's Time Machine Madness:
Jump into the time machine and travel to the past and future! Students ages 8-12 explore amazing things that were, and things that could be! People, places, animals, aliens, galaxies time capsules, rockets...we can anywhere and EVERYWHERE we want! Imaginations run wild when the calendars and clocks are in control! Traditional and non-traditional materials and techniques will be used including drawing, painting, clay and wire, and more! Led by Anna Nuttall, students will even make their own clocks and time capsules!

About Fashion ReWERKED:
Fashion ReWERKED helps to train the next generation of fashion designers in a four-day workshop introducing middle school students (grades 6 - 9) to the basics of sewing and fashion design using David Bowie and the Moon landing as style inspiration!

Led by Kirsten Elfe (Project Upcycle Designer, 2018) and assisted by Elias Matso (Project Upcycle Community Role Model, 2018). This workshop is presented by 3S Artspace, in partnership with Recovergirl.


About Bowie and the Moon:
50 years ago in July of '69, there was a culture shift: David Bowie's Space Oddity was released and Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon. One giant leap later, on July 11, 2019, 3S Artspace and PMAC are joining forces in a collaborative fundraiser to celebrate the music, spirit, creativity, innovation, and exploration of these two milestones.


Additional Bowie and the Moon event on Thursday, July 11:


    Performing Bowie's music from Blackstar to Space Oddity:
    ☆ fiveighthirteen ☆ Jim Dozet Band ☆ Rhegos ☆ Russ Grazier Quartet with Billy Butler and Jon McCormack

Bowie and the Moon is generously supported by:

Master Artist Level
Paul & Jessica McKeon

Virtuoso Level
Brandartica Advertising Anti-Agency