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Say Darling and Soggy Po Boys - Holiday Jamboree

Say Darling and Soggy Po Boys - Holiday Jamboree
Friday, December 21st
Doors 7pm / Show 8pm 
All ages / Partly seated
Members $15 / $17 ADV / $20 DOS

Vintage tunes and warm tones for all your seasonal needs!

About Say Darling:
Grammy-Nominated singer and songwriter Celia Woodsmith – of the acclaimed bluegrass band Della Mae – and critically lauded guitarist Chris Hersch of the alt. country rock band Girls Guns & Glory, had each independently decided to relax their rigorous schedules, both ending up back home in New England with time on their hands. 

These two road warriors and workaholics didn't last long before delving into a new and exciting project: Say Darling. 

“I don’t think we had much pressure on ourselves to create something, but we had so much fun ... we just knew we had to follow it up”, says Woodsmith. 

Blending distinctive original songs with classic tunes that pay homage to a shared musical heritage, Say Darling evokes the funky drive of Little Feat, the moving vocals of Bonnie Raitt and the instrumental prowess of the Tedeschi-Trucks Band.  Hersch, who was voted amongst the best roots guitar players nationwide by The Alternate Root, leads the band with melodic support and blistering solos, while Scott Coulter is virtuosic on the Hammond B3. Paul Chase on bass and Jared Seabrook on drums round out the rhythm section, making Say Darling a 'lethal combination of all-star musicians'(Manchester Ink) from the New England roots rock scene. 

The quintet can go from pin-drop silence to a cascading roar in the span of one song, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. In their first year, Woodsmith, whom the Boston Globe describes as “Unvarnished and intimate (…) but then sounds like she's about to part the Dead Sea,” penned 5 of the six songs on their debut EP “Say Darling” (the sixth being a co-write with Hersch). Red Line Roots describes their first foray into recording as a “Badass force of bluesy goodness”, while Maine Today calls the album a “home to a half dozen smoky, sizzling roots rock tunes”. 

Say Darling will get you off your chair and dancing, or keep you spellbound with evocative vocals and performances. No one else can so effortlessly combine their influences in one electric and contemporary package.

About Soggy Po Boys:
Watch ‘em Charleston down the line, the Soggy Po Boys have whipped up another batch of red-hot tracks that’ll leave you reaching for a few extra napkins. Smoke, the fifth and forthcoming studio release from the group, represents their first full-length as a septet. Eight new originals highlight the band’s ability to “transcend the bounds of geographic pigeonholing” by mixing a bit of New England with a whole lot of New Orleans, and a few standards pace what is arguably their most seasoned showing on record. The boys sound comfortably at home, allowing the strongest part of the SPB experience to take over; the performance. It’s as if you’ve grabbed a seat right next to the stage on a Tuesday night at 328 Central Avenue in Dover. Clinking pint glasses punctuate the spitballing of smutty banter between bandmates and soon music emerges. The joy is audible, the energy is palpable, and the subtleties of musical conversation between close friends are on full display throughout Smoke.