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YARTspace: YART Sale + Fun Fest


SATURDAY, MAY 6 (rain date Sunday, May 7)
3S Artspace / 319 Vaughan Street in Portsmouth
11am - 6pm
Free to attend!

At 3S, we’re always asking ourselves what we can do to support more artists and how we can bring our community together with that theme in mind. So this May, the YART Sale is expanding into the 3S YARTspace, a YART Sale and family-friendly fun festival. #joinus


  • 10 - 11am: 3S Members early access YART Sale shopping [Performance Space]
  • 11am - 6pm: YART Sale + Galleries + Shop at 3S open to the public
  • 11am - 6pm: community art making w/ artist Eric Gold [outside, patio]
  • 12 - 12:45pm: family entertainment, Janoah Bailin [outside, Loading Dock]
  • 2 - 2:45pm: concert, PMAC student band [outside, Loading Dock]
  • 4 - 4:45pm: concert, band TBA [outside, Loading Dock]


Can I support an artist by scoring a deal on 2D art at 40% off fair market value?

You sure can. Shop hundreds of pieces of art in the Performance Space at the YART Sale where artists discount their inventory, 3S reduces commission, and the public has access to more affordable art. From early painters to established and collected artists, the YART Sale has something for everyone: acrylics, gouache, graphite drawings, watercolor, pigmented resin, oils, charcoal, and more!

  • Check back soon for a list of artists participating in the YART Sale


Will there be family activities at 3S YARTspace?

Kids (and, let’s be honest, grown-ups too) will be dazzled by Janoah Bailin (a.k.a. janoah…anygoodjokes?) who creates and performs energetic, stimulating and educational shows for family audiences with a blend of circus, puppetry, story, dance…and popcorn.

Live music is more the vibe I’m looking for before/after shopping the YART Sale.

Not a question, but if it was, the answer would be a yes! :) We have performances outside in the Loading Dock area with a PMAC student band specially curated for YARTspace, and another music act to be announced soon!

Will there be an opportunity for me to create art during YARTspace?

Stop by the patio and join artist Eric Gold to paint a small segment of a portrait. “Growing Up Portsmouth” is a series of community-created large-scale portraits of people, chosen by artist Eric Gold, as part of Portsmouth’s story.

Will the Gallery be open? How about the Shop at 3S? 3S is open, inside and out, and that includes the Gallery, Lobby Gallery, and Shop at 3S!

  • Gallery: Somewhere Around There, featuring paintings by Nishiki Sugawara-Beda where subtle shifts of blacks painted with Sumi provide a world for transcendent and imaginative realms to emerge.
  • Lobby Gallery: Photography exhibits - The Shape of Trees, works by Effie Malley, and A Light in the Holler, works by Andrew Super.
  • Shop at 3S: Shop handmade accessories and housewares. Elegant, playful, and modern ceramics, jewelry, wood, textiles, and more.

Will Barrio be open during YARTspace?

Yep! Barrio is celebrating their 5th anniversary that weekend. It has been wonderful having them as a restaurant partner these past 5 years, and we can't wait to celebrate this milestone with them. Fun plans and food and drink specials are in the works, so check back for more announcements!


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